Carla Hynes

Meet Carla Hynes, the dedicated and efficient Office Manager at Chestnuthill Dental. Born and raised in Effort, Pennsylvania, Carla brings her administration expertise and commitment to excellent patient care to every aspect of her work.

Carla holds an Associate’s degree in Administration and is X-ray certified, allowing her to contribute to patient care in various ways. Her organizational skills and attention to detail ensure the smooth operation of the dental office, benefiting both patients and staff alike.

Family is at the heart of Carla’s life. She has been happily married to her husband, Brian, for ten years, and together they have two beautiful sons, Connor (10) and Owen (7). Their loving Standard Poodle, Dutch, completes their family, which brings joy and companionship to their lives.

Carla loves camping and hiking in her leisure time, embracing the great outdoors to bond with her family and friends. Her passion for her family, love of nature, and dedication to providing the best possible dental care make Carla an invaluable member of the Chestnuthill Dental team.

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