It’s the end of SmileDirectClub. Here’s what you should know

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SmileDirectClub offered mail order DIY orthodontics using clear aligners delivered right to customer’s homes. The Nashville, Tennessee, based company began in 2014, although quickly became under scrutiny by orthodontists and dentists across the country because the entire premise of the mail order orthodontics means patients never see an actual doctor face to face, claiming teledentistry, photographs, and impressions that patients take themselves is enough to realign and straighten teeth. Dentists and orthodontists alike agree that face to face consultations and checkups are necessary for successful and safe orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it is no surprise that SmileDirectClub’s profits fell year after year, resulting in hundreds of complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, and their recent bankruptcy. Today on our newest blog, Chestnuthill Dental explains the dangers of DIY orthodontics and what you should know about choosing the best orthodontic care for your smile.

Dangers of DIY orthodontics

Even though SmileDirectClub is closing, there are other DIY orthodontics available and unfortunately, that means many people may still be at risk by attempting to undergo orthodontic care without proper supervision.

DIY orthodontics often result in rapid tooth movement, which could damage the periodontal ligaments that hold teeth in their sockets and potentially result in unexpected tooth loss. Unfortunately, rapid orthodontic movement may also damage gums and jawbone health, making it more difficult for other types of restorative care like dental implants, should patients need them. Since mail order orthodontics do not involve direct supervision in a face-to-face environment like you’d get from a local Invisalign provider in Sciota, these serious dental issues could lead to long-term irreversible damage.

Mail order orthodontics may also shift teeth in an improper alignment that results in inaccurate bite pressure that leads to temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ. TMJ is a severe condition that causes difficulty and pain when opening the jaw and chewing and is often blamed for chronic facial pain and debilitating headaches. According to Dr. Chung Kau, the chairman and professor of orthodontics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, orthodontic care without direct in-person supervision can lead to permanent harm to one’s dental health. Additionally, the harm is irreparable and could permanently damage your jawbone, jaw joints, or you could lose your teeth.

What should I do if I’ve already started mail order orthodontics?

You should stop using your aligners immediately and schedule an appointment with a Stroudsburg Invisalign provider as soon as possible. When you opt for clear aligner orthodontics at a local Invisalign certified dental office, you receive a personalized consultation in which we thoroughly assess your dental needs and current state of your oral health before recommending treatment. If orthodontic care is right for you, we’ll devise an individualized treatment plan to serve your smile needs. You will also have face to face appointments throughout your treatment so that we can monitor your progress and amend your treatment as needed.

Invisalign in Sciota and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re considering Invisalign orthodontics or not, we recommend that all patients see the dentist at least every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Monitoring your oral health is essential to keep your smile healthy and help reduce overall health risks like diabetes, heart disease, and dementia, according to studies. Desiring straight teeth is common among many individuals. You deserve to feel confident when you smile and there are certainly safer ways to achieve that confident smile without the risks of mail order orthodontics. To learn more about Invisalign orthodontics or to schedule an appointment with an Invisalign dentist near you, contact Chestnuthill Dental by calling (570) 402-4001.

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