6 Questions about Dental Implants

dental implant questions

Sciota, Pennsylvania

If you are living with a missing tooth in Sciota, there is no option better than a dental implant. And for good reason! Of all the treatments in restorative dentistry to replace a permanent tooth, no other treatment option matches the look, feel and function of an implant. Maybe you have heard about dental implants and want to know more. Perhaps you have already researched them. Whether you know a lot or a little about implants, you probably still have questions. Read on as your Sciota implant dentists at Chestnuthill Dental provide the answers to six frequently asked questions about dental implants.

How does a dental implant work?

An implant consists of three components: the implant screw itself, a crown to complete the replacement tooth and an abutment that connects the implant to the crown. Let’s start with the implant screw, which is made of an extremely durable metal such as titanium and inserted surgically into the jawbone. Once the implant fuses with your jawbone, your implant dentist places an abutment on top of the screw, then connects that abutment to a crown. Our crowns usually are made of dental porcelain, a beautiful, stain-resistant material with a translucency almost identical to real tooth enamel.

How long does the implant process take?

After your dentist inserts the implant screw into your jawbone, you will need to heal from this procedure. The length of healing varies from person to person but usually ranges between two and six months. Then you return to our office to receive the crown to complete the process.

Are dental implants expensive?

Compared to other methods of tooth replacement, dental implants do have a higher financial cost. However, when you consider the superior function and look of an implant, and that an implant can last the rest of your life with good oral care, we believe the long-term cost of a dental implant is worth it.

What should I look for in an implant dentist?

Remember that the placement of an implant classifies as an oral surgery because the implant has to be inserted into the jawbone itself in place of the missing tooth root. Recent advances in post-graduate training for dentists have opened these procedures to a wider portion of the population of the field. So, make sure to choose a dentist who has trained extensively in implant dentistry and also possesses a significant amount of experience performing the procedures.

What makes an implant superior to other tooth replacement options?

First off, a dental implant is fixed in the mouth, meaning it will not slip or shift as dentures may. The implant screw also provides stimulation to the corresponding supporting jawbone. This helps retain healthy levels of jawbone and is designed to last a lifetime. Implants also are convenient to clean; just brush and floss like you do your other natural teeth.

Are dental implants right for me?

This decision is made on a case-by-case basis, after a personal consultation with your implant dentist. At this consultation, your implant dentist should review your past health history to see if there are any pre-existing conditions that may complicate the procedure. Also, you should have good overall oral hygiene before receiving an implant. Patients with gum disease should have the infection treated and resolved before continuing on receiving a dental implant.

To learn more about the implant procedures at Chestnuthill Dental Group, schedule your consultation today. Just call (570) 402-7001 or visit our website.

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