Dr. Kenneth Chiusano

Dr. Kenneth Chiusano

Meet Kenneth Chiusano, DMD, the talented and dedicated owner of Chestnuthill Dental. Born and raised in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, Dr. Chiusano is committed to providing exceptional dental care to his community. He completed his undergraduate studies at West Chester University and earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Temple University School of Dentistry.

Background and Expertise:

Kenneth Chiusano, DMD, the skilled and devoted owner of Chestnuthill Dental, was born and bred in Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. His journey in dental medicine began at West Chester University, from where he proceeded to Temple University School of Dentistry to earn his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Today, he stands as a pillar in his community, dedicated to offering outstanding dental care. As an Invisalign certified dentist, his expertise stretches from creating beautiful smiles to implant placement and restorations, ensuring all-around exceptional dental health.

Continued Growth and Professional Commitment:

Dr. Chiusano fervently believes in the importance of lifelong learning. His active engagement in continuous education, reflected in his membership with Spear Education and the Lehigh Valley Dental Study Club, keeps him up to speed with the latest developments in dentistry. This commitment to constant growth translates into his practice, allowing him to provide cutting-edge care to his patients, setting a high standard of excellence at Chestnuthill Dental.

Family and Hobbies:

Outside the dental clinic, Dr. Chiusano is a devoted family man. Married to his wife Lauren for a blissful ten years, they are the proud parents of three lovely children and a much-loved Goldendoodle, Charlie. He is also a man of many talents and interests. In his spare time, he takes to the ice for a game of hockey or enjoys a round of golf. He is musically inclined too, adept at playing the piano, bass guitar, and drums. His devotion to his family, commitment to dental advancements, and passion for delivering high-quality care make Dr. Chiusano a commendable leader at Chestnuthill Dental.

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