Why does my Dentist take X-rays?

Dental x-ray

Sciota, Pennsylvania

You head to the dentist for one of your regularly scheduled checkups. Before your cleaning begins, though, the technician asks you to sit for a new set of dental X-rays. Didn’t your dentist already do this? Why are you doing it again? And why are these X-rays important? Read on as, today on the blog, we explain why your dentist in Sciota takes regular X-rays.

The significance of dental X-rays

The images captured in X-rays provide your dentist with additional information so that you receive a higher level of care. By seeing below the surface level, your dentist can identify problems that are not visible to the naked eye: issues with development of the teeth or jaws, areas of decay or even damage that is not immediately visible. Depending on the type of X-ray taken, your dentist can view the entire structure of your tooth or all the teeth in your mouth. This allows assessment of the tooth roots, as well as placement of the jaws and the composition of your facial bone structure.

Under the scrutiny of an experienced and highly trained dentist, X-rays can be indicators of any of the following issues:

  • Areas of decay, especially between teeth or underneath existing fillings
  • The manifestation of cysts or other tumors
  • Bone loss in the jaw, which can be an indicator of periodontal disease
  • The position of teeth to assess if dental intervention is needed, with such intervention including implants, orthodontic treatment or dentures
  • The presence of a dental abscess

How often does your dentist take X-rays?

The American Dental Association advises that a new set of X-rays should be taken once per year, so that your dentist has a consistent record of your oral health and condition. This is not a hard and fast rule, though. If you were recently diagnosed with certain oral diseases, you may need X-rays more often, whereas a patient with minimal history of significant dental treatment may need X-rays less often. Your dentist may want to take X-rays before certain procedures, such as a restorative dental procedure to replace a missing tooth, or prior to extracting a tooth.

Is it safe to get dental X-rays?

Absolutely. Any type of X-ray technology is going to expose you to low but not harmful levels of radiation. At Chestnuthill Dental, we use state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology. These digital X-ray machines emit a fraction of the radiation that traditional X-ray machines do, while also producing images more quickly that are more precise.

Digital dental X-ray technology in Sciota, Pennsylvania

At Chestnuthill Dental, our use of digital X-rays is just part of our commitment to using the latest dental technology available to serve our patients in Sciota, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas. To learn more about how we use digital X-rays, any of the other technological advances in our office, or to schedule a tour of our facility in Sciota, contact the office of Chestnuthill Dental today to schedule a consultation. All you have to do is call (570) 402-4001 or contact us on our website.

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