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Sciota, Pennsylvania

In light of the unexpected closure of SmileDirectClub, many of you are facing uncertainty about your orthodontic treatments. The clock is ticking, but there’s still hope.  Chestnuthill Dental is immediately extending a helping hand with our expert Invisalign services.

Urgent Background on SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub’s sudden bankruptcy and operational shutdown have left many customers in limbo, some just weeks after payment. This isn’t just news—it’s a ticking time bomb for your dental health if left unaddressed. Don’t let your investment in your smile go to waste.

Why Choose Invisalign at Chestnuthill Dental

  • Invisalign’s proven effectiveness is your best bet in this crisis. At Chestnuthill Dental, we’re ready to swiftly take over your treatment.
  • Our experienced team ensures a seamless transition to Invisalign, backed by continuous support.
  • Delay can worsen dental issues. Let’s act fast to keep your smile journey on track.

Exclusive Offers for SmileDirectClub Customers – Limited Time!

  • We’re offering a special discount and personalized payment plans for affected SmileDirectClub customers. This is an immediate response to an urgent situation—you must act now!
  • Details of these offers are time-sensitive. Secure your spot and financial advantage today.

Immediate Consultation – Don’t Wait!

Time is of the essence. Schedule your urgent consultation now to discuss how we can rescue and continue your orthodontic treatment.

In a situation where time is crucial, making a swift decision is key to securing your dental health and investment. We at Chestnuthill  Dental are committed to ensuring your transition to Invisalign is smooth and beneficial.

Act Now!

This is a call to immediate action. Contact us right away to secure your dental future. Your smile depends on it!

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