Questions to ask about Veneers


Veneers may be the perfect treatment for you if you would like to improve or change the way your teeth look and improve your smile aesthetics. Choosing the right dentist is essential if you want your results to look natural. To help you decide if veneers are right for you, we’ve provided answers to the questions you should ask your dentist before getting veneers.

The great thing about veneers is that they are versatile and made to blend with your other teeth. You can get one veneer to repair a single problem tooth or get 6 to 8 veneers on a single dental arch to transform how all of your teeth look when you smile. Therefore, during your consultation, be sure to share with the dentist the dental issues you wish to change or correct so that we can help you decide on the right amount of veneers for you.

Veneers are crafted from the highest quality dental porcelain. Each veneer is meticulously shaped and formed to look completely natural. The porcelain used to make veneers can be tinted in various shades of white, whether you want a bright white smile or need to blend one veneer with the rest of your teeth. Choosing a skilled cosmetic dentist in Sciota like the ones on staff at Chestnuthill Dental will yield the best, most natural-looking results.

Each veneer has an individual cost, and some patients may require additional treatments like a thorough cleaning or other restorative work to prepare their teeth for the veneers. Therefore, the total cost of getting veneers varies. The best way to find out how much veneers cost in Sciota is to schedule a consultation with Chestnuthill Dental. We will discuss your personalized treatment plan and the costs associated with that treatment.

At Chestnuthill Dental, we partner with a trusted dental lab to make your veneers. It could take only a couple of weeks before the final restorations are complete and ready to be seated onto your teeth.

Maintaining good oral health is essential so that your veneer results last longer. Caring for your veneers is no different than caring for your teeth. We recommend brushing and flossing daily, and see to it that you visit the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings.

If you take good care of your oral health, veneers should last about a decade before they need replacement. However, accidents happen, and if one breaks or pops off, we can replace it.

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Transforming your smile with veneers can be an exciting time. If you’d like to know more information about this cosmetic dental procedure or are ready to schedule your consultation, please contact Chestnuthill Dental by calling (570) 402-4001.

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