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Choosing the best dentist in Sciota should be a smooth process. At Chestnuthill Dental, we hope to make that process easy for you by providing some information about the type of technological advancements to look for before choosing a dentist. Technologically advanced dental practices mean better results in a faster time with an easier recovery. Plus, some technologies help us discover dental problems early so that patients can avoid more costly and intensive procedures later on. Find out more about the technology that we use at our Sciota dental practice, Chestnuthill Dental.

Cone Beam Technology

Also referred to as a CBCT, this technology is a sophisticated x-ray machine that produces 3D images of your head, jaw, throat, and neck. This tool is paramount in diagnosing issues in these anatomical areas and can be used to devise the most strategic treatment plans.

Digital X-rays

Dentists use x-rays to look below the gum line at the jawbone structure and the roots of your teeth. These digital images also provide a view of interproximal areas or between the teeth where your teeth touch. Digital x-rays are helpful in discovering early signs of tooth decay in unseen areas, assessing jawbone and tooth root health, and developmental issues like tooth eruption and alignment. Generally, these x-rays are recommended at least once a year during your dental cleaning and check-up, but may also be recommended before an extraction or restorative procedure.

Intraoral Camera

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a close-up view of your teeth to see exactly what the dentist sees? With our intraoral camera, you can! Our intraoral camera is a tiny wand that captures a digital view of your teeth, measures your bite, and other diagnostic data used for developing treatment plans and making restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers. With this technology, Chestnuthill Dental provides better results for our patients.

Paperless Charting

Our paperless charting system makes checking in as a new or returning patient more convenient and relieves our office admin to provide better customer service to you and your insurance company.


Dealing with dental insurance companies can be daunting, but our admin team makes the process quick and easy using our e-claims. This means that we submit the claim for your visit the day you are at our office instead of waiting to file them by fax or mail. Our patients appreciate that we get a quicker response time and payment rendered for their claims.

iTero Scanner 

The scanner utilizes advanced imaging technology to capture precise digital impressions of the teeth, eliminating the need for traditional messy dental impressions using dental putty. The digital scanning process is much faster compared to traditional impression techniques. It allows dentists to capture a complete 3D model of the patient’s mouth within minutes, reducing chair time and improving overall efficiency. the iTero Scanner offers a more comfortable, efficient, and accurate alternative to traditional dental impressions, enhancing the patient experience and enabling precise treatment planning and delivery in various dental procedures.

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