The Secret to Maintaining White Teeth

maintain white teeth

Sciota, Pennsylvania

First impressions are everything, and it’s no secret that the first thing others usually notice about us is our smile. And let’s face it: smiling makes us feel happy, increases our self-confidence, lowers our blood pressure and just generally improves our mood. But to reap all the benefits of smiling, we have to feel comfortable with our smile.

Unfortunately, over time our teeth can become dingy or stained, especially if we enjoy morning coffee or tea and consume food in a dye-infused world. So what gives? What’s the secret to maintaining white teeth?

Our cosmetic dentists in Sciota have the answers. Read on for more …

What causes teeth staining?

With age, and despite strong oral hygiene practices, teeth can become discolored in part because of what we consume, including coffee, tea, red wine, berries, chocolate, tomato-based dishes and dark sodas.

How do I prevent staining?

You can fight teeth staining with your usual, strong oral hygiene regime: brush twice a day, floss once, swish with mouthwash if you want a boost and visit your dentist twice a year for routine cleanings. In addition to this, our Sciota cosmetic dentists recommend brushing teeth immediately after consuming stain-causing foods and beverages. If brushing isn’t possible, rinse with water or mouthwash to minimize the impact that staining substances have on your teeth.

Here are additional ways to prevent teeth staining:

  • Use a straw — Drinking your favorite beverages directly from a glass means your teeth are directly exposed to sugars and acids that are responsible for tooth discoloration. Using a straw, on the other hand, limits contact between the teeth and staining substances.
  • Stop using tobacco products — Tobacco use is notorious for changing the color of tooth enamel in a short period of time, even with routine oral care. Tobacco products can also cause oral cancers and health complications.

How can I remove stains?

Over-the-counter whitening treatments are widely available in retail stores, but many people report disappointment in less-than-ideal results and the lengthy time the treatment takes. Plenty of folks simply give up before the treatment is complete.

Whitening in our Sciota dental office, on the other hand, takes one visit — perhaps more depending on the desired shade — and the results are astonishing! We can change your dingy smile back to its youthful glow in about an hour, using a professional-grade whitening component that won’t cause gum irritation.

Teeth Whitening in Sciota, PA

With diligence in an oral hygiene regime, it’s possible to reduce the chances of teeth staining. But if, despite your best efforts, your teeth are looking dull or dingy, give us a call at Chestnuthill Dental, (570) 865-7929. We’re happy to schedule you for an appointment, and you can leave our office the same day with instant professional teeth whitening results.

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